England – an amazing trip

When we headed off to England on Wednesday, we did not know what a good time we were going to have.

After the long and exhausting, but still funny bus journey, we finally arrived in Burchington-on-sea. The first impression was just amazing, the sun was shining, the sea was sky blue – it was beautiful.

Then, we waited for our host families. Everyone was excited, and when they picked us up, we all realized that we had our own, unique and most important very nice family.

The days went by quickly: We hiked along the white cliffs of Dover and enjoyed the beautiful view of the coast, we saw the famous sights in London and we got to know a lovely city, named Canterbury.

In our free time we went shopping, we met our friends at the beach and had a great time together.

Saying goodbye was not easy. We wanted to stay with our host family, we wanted to experience the English culture even more, but we had to leave again.

When we sat on the bus, ready to leave, we looked at the sea for one last time and thought about our wonderful time in England.


Julia Oecking & Lisa Wolnitza

England – an amazing trip