Reinoldus- und Schiller-Gymnasium

England – an amazing trip


When we hea­ded off to Eng­land on Wed­nes­day, we did not know what a good time we were going to have.

After the long and exhaus­ting, but still fun­ny bus jour­ney, we final­ly arri­ved in Bur­ching­ton-on-sea. The first impres­si­on was just ama­zing, the sun was shi­ning, the sea was sky blue — it was beautiful.

Then, we wai­ted for our host fami­lies. Ever­yo­ne was exci­ted, and when they picked us up, we all rea­li­zed that we had our own, uni­que and most important very nice family.

The days went by quick­ly: We hik­ed along the white cliffs of Dover and enjoy­ed the beau­ti­ful view of the coast, we saw the famous sights in Lon­don and we got to know a lovely city, named Canterbury.

In our free time we went shop­ping, we met our friends at the beach and had a gre­at time together.

Say­ing good­bye was not easy. We wan­ted to stay with our host fami­ly, we wan­ted to expe­ri­ence the Eng­lish cul­tu­re even more, but we had to lea­ve again.

When we sat on the bus, rea­dy to lea­ve, we loo­ked at the sea for one last time and thought about our won­der­ful time in England.


Julia Oecking & Lisa Wolnitza