A Look Back: YEAR 9 in England

England Trip 2019

In June 2019 I took part in the RSG’s yearly trip to England. In year nine you have the chance to join the exchange after you have handed in a letter of motivation.

This journey started with a long, long ride to Calais where we took the ferry to Dover. From there we went to Margate and our host families. We really enjoyed the trip on  the ferry because it was pretty interesting and we had some great views! And a new experience we had is the control at the border and the fact that in England everybody drives on the left side of the street.

Our host family were two lovely people, Karen and Simon, who did everything, so we felt comfortable and were happy. Don’t worry if you are afraid not to understand English people because they are all very kind and polite even in London when they are in a hurry.

To London, we went the next day and it was quite cool although the weather wasn’t that good and I thought it would be more impressive, seeing the London Eye, the Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace. The most exciting thing is going by tube in London. It is totally awesome to pass the special ticket gates and to find one’s way around which is pretty easy. Additionally, we had some great opportunities to go shopping in Oxford Street or the Hard Rock Cafe.

On Friday we hiked along the cliffs of Dover where we had a wonderful view of the sea and of the harbor, we traveled through at the beginning. The weather was nice and it is worth to see it, also the little cities, Deal and Canterbury, we visited after our hike.

All in all, these three days changed my life a little bit, I mean, I was in England and I recommend the trip to everybody who wants to visit England, meet new people and maybe to become a little bit more independent.


Chiara Wientjens, 9d

A Look Back: YEAR 9 in England