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A Look Back: YEAR 9 in England

20190613 1033070
20190613 1033070

Eng­land Trip 2019

In June 2019 I took part in the RSG’s year­ly trip to Eng­land. In year nine you have the chan­ce to join the exch­an­ge after you have han­ded in a let­ter of motivation.

This jour­ney star­ted with a long, long ride to Calais whe­re we took the fer­ry to Dover. From the­re we went to Mar­ga­te and our host fami­lies. We real­ly enjoy­ed the trip on  the fer­ry becau­se it was pret­ty inte­res­t­ing and we had some gre­at views! And a new expe­ri­ence we had is the con­trol at the bor­der and the fact that in Eng­land ever­y­bo­dy dri­ves on the left side of the street.

Our host fami­ly were two love­ly peo­p­le, Karen and Simon, who did ever­y­thing, so we felt com­for­ta­ble and were hap­py. Don’t worry if you are afraid not to under­stand Eng­lish peo­p­le becau­se they are all very kind and poli­te even in Lon­don when they are in a hurry.

To Lon­don, we went the next day and it was quite cool alt­hough the wea­ther wasn’t that good and I thought it would be more impres­si­ve, see­ing the Lon­don Eye, the Tower Bridge or Buck­ing­ham Palace. The most exci­ting thing is going by tube in Lon­don. It is total­ly awe­so­me to pass the spe­cial ticket gates and to find one’s way around which is pret­ty easy. Addi­tio­nal­ly, we had some gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ties to go shop­ping in Oxford Street or the Hard Rock Cafe.

On Fri­day we hik­ed along the cliffs of Dover whe­re we had a won­derful view of the sea and of the har­bor, we tra­ve­led through at the begin­ning. The wea­ther was nice and it is worth to see it, also the litt­le cities, Deal and Can­ter­bu­ry, we visi­ted after our hike.

All in all, the­se three days chan­ged my life a litt­le bit, I mean, I was in Eng­land and I recom­mend the trip to ever­y­bo­dy who wants to visit Eng­land, meet new peo­p­le and may­be to beco­me a litt­le bit more independent.


Chia­ra Wient­jens, 9d