Travel Report 6d: Our class trip to Nottuln

Vor unserer Klassenfahrt haben wir im Englischunterricht einen travel report gelesen und bearbeitet, sodass wir nach der Fahrt einen eigenen report verfassen konnten. Etwaige Ähnlichkeiten mit der Geschichte „It was amazing….“ sind frei erfunden……

Our trip to Nottuln was amazing. We all were very excited when we were waiting for the bus on the morning of September 30th, 2019. Nobody cried when we had to say goodbye to our moms. The way to the youth hostel was very exciting and everyone was happy. We ate a lot of crisps on the bus. We needed about one hour to the youth hostel and it was really big and it looked very nice.

We had lots of activities. So we made a ralely into town. We asked many people questions about Nottuln. At an information centre we got a stamp of the Santiago pilgrimage and in an ice-café we had an ice-cream. Later we met on the market place and went back together to the youth hostel.

In the evening of the first day we all went into a forest. At first we got a sound detector to find bats. We heard lots of bats!!! By a lake we saw and heard more of them. This was amazing! At 10.00 pm we had to sleep.

Next day we did an art workshop. First we thought it would be boring and the woman had a very loud voice. But when we started to paint on canvas it was great fun. At the end we all had different art works. They were all beautiful!

It was also exciting when we formed two groups in the youth hostel and went into the forest to play „Stratego“. There we found our shelter. It was fun when we hid in the forest and caught the other group. On Wednesday we went home but then we were very tired on the bus. Maybe it was because of a party we wanted to have in one of our rooms. We won´t tell you in which room because our form teachers are also interested in this report.

First we watched a movie with the class, but then we had to go to bed. Some of the boys wanted to visit us in our room to have a party. One girl wanted to look for some boys on the corridor, but one of the form teachers found her. The girl said, „I heard a strange noise outside.“ The teacher told her, „Don´t worry! I take you back to your room!“ But she didn´t know that some other girls were already hiding in the rest room. Luckily the form teacher didn´t find that out! For us it was exciting!

Travel Report 6d: Our class trip to Nottuln